Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cubs Game!!

Most of you know how big a fan I am of the Cubs, well we had a show in Chicago the other day, which I new about for a while now, so way back when we found out we were going to be in Chicago, and not very far from the Wrigley, myself and one of the other video guys, (Adam) made the decision to get some tickets, even tho we weren't sure if we would have time to even be able to go! But we got our gig done and everything was good to go, so we were off to Wrigley.

To say the least I was really excited!
Our seats were really good.
Dempster pitched, couldn't have asked for a better pitcher to go and see.

Not to much longer after we got there the Cubs started scoring some runs, starting with Ramirez hitting a 3 run homer it was awesome.
Right before we had to leave, we walked around a bit, Wrigley is one of the coolest places I've ever been, the history, the fans (it was sold out) everything about the place is just amazing!
The score board from behind where we were dropped off and picked up!
I love Chicago!


Patti Culmer's Spot said...

I love Chicago too!

Kyle said...

You were there?? Do you work for one of the bands??

Kyle said...

That's pretty awesome. Sounds like a sweet gig.

But yeah man, it's a bummer I didn't know that, would loved to have met you.

snooch said...

I didn't know you were in chicago. I've been here for three weeks. My hotel is one of those buildings in your photo:)

randy said...

those are some pretty killer pics man