Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Bath...

Yesterday I thought I would get a massage, and since Patti was getting one today, I thought "well I should get one again", the only the problem is, the massage therapist said the only way I can get two in that short of time is by taking a bath in epsom salt. There's a couple things wrong with that request, A.. I don't fit in a bath tub! I have no reason to elaborate by now most of you know how tall and big I am, and there's no reason to talk about that (just yet). 2.. It's not exactly the most manly thing to do. Now I have friends that are guys that like to bath, and well they smoke cigars while doing it, so it regains some of its manliness, but she's asking me to relax, my muscles need some soaking, and some time to not do anything.

So there I am, half laying in the bath tub half not, and by half not I mean that I don't fit in a bath tub, lets put it this way, my legs barely got wet soaking my back, they weren't even in the tub! But that didn't stop me from laying there, with a candle lit, (by my wife) and my book there next to me. Course I had to listen to my wife make fun of me the whole time I was in there! Which she made me soak for 30 minutes since thats what the stupid epsom salt said I should!

Now I smell like lavender. (Sigh)

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The Farns said... are talking about Schwartzie that bathing beauty.