Tuesday, August 19, 2008


PPT, is something that I like to do, but have been slacking on lately. Today I was thinking of doing a joint PPT. My Wife, she is amazing, theres nothing that compares to her, and she for sure deserves her own PPT post, but theres also my new lens that helps me take pictures of the wife, especially when she's annoyed with me taking pictures of her. (those are the best) I mean the depth of field this lens has is pretty amazing. Kind of like my Wife, she's amazing! She let me buy this lens, see a joint PPT. I love my wife more than my new lens, but I do love that I have this lens to help me capture the love of my life.

See what I'm doing here?

And I would like to correct something on my last post. I called the cake a confetti cake, and my Wife corrected me last night, and then again today (making-fun of me should be the phrase/word not corrected) after there was a comment left from Kristen about "funfetti cake".... (sigh) my bad.


Jonathan said...

Yeah...she doesn't look to happy about the photo...

Kristin said...

You are welcome... your wife seems awesome and so does your lens, if you can tell that from a picture!