Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back On The Bus...

Being back on a bus is nice, especially when (last night was the first ride mind you) you have a decent bus driver. Anyway, today wasn't all that bad, a little busy and time consuming, it just seemed as if I couldn't get caught up, till the end of the day, (so I guess I did get caught up then) things started to slow down but I'm not going to complaining, well maybe a little, its the worst when you get done, but you don't know if your done, or if you need to be doing something, so you kind of hang out, but don't really know if you should look like you have something to do! (haha) You know how it is, its just kind of awkward, I haven't been in that kind of situation in a while, when I'm doing my gig, I'm like I'm done! If you need me I'll be over there. But today was just a weird day, but good.

I miss my Wife.

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Patti Culmer's Spot said...

Your wife misses you too! Love you!!!