Thursday, August 28, 2008

We're Hooked Again...

Patti and I use to watch 24 all the time, we've only watched it on DVD though, since we started getting into it about 2 seasons to late, so we started it, and would you believe it, its been almost 3 years since we started season 1 and we're only in the middle of season 3, I think when we moved to TN from FL we stopped watching it. Thanks to some sales going on we recently went and bought season 5 & 6 so now we have all the seasons that are out on DVD. Which means we've restarted season 3 and we're back to being hooked, Patti especially, she's so funny yelling at the tv, telling different people their stupid. Which I guess we all do but its funnier when she does it!


Eugene and Heather Brown said...

We have all the seasons, and are so addicted to that show that its not funny

randy said...

the only reason you're not gay for watching this is because its on dvd.

atleast thats what i told myself when i watched all the seasons of buffy