Thursday, September 4, 2008

Demo Day

Today is Demo day, I like playing with new equipment, I find it frustrating and fun at the same time, trying to figure out something I've never worked with before. You always have that special feeling when you get it to work the way you think its suppose to work!? Because I just sort of glanced at the manual (for power reasons, didn't want to blow anything up) and decided to just put it together, and not really call anybody for advise, I'm not sure if its right or not but it works, and its more fun this way.

Then there's the LED I've been working with for over a year, I needed to figure out how to do something, so I called the company that makes the product and asked them the limitation of the processors, they tell its limited and you can't do what you want to do, but I figured it out anyway, tricking the system into doing what you want it to do Is priceless! If you haven't noticed yet I'm just a little stoked about the fact that I was able to trick the system. I know what most of you are thinking "bragger", but well ok, I'm bragging a little. It just feels good.


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Tsk tsk tsk.. who brags on blogs anyway? I know I don't.