Monday, September 22, 2008

She Left Me!!

Yup so my wife left me. No that's a horrible thing to say, its true though, she and mom that was in town to help her out, while I was laying in bed complaining about all the pain, and how I want a straw in my drinks, cause when your recovering from having a stupid body, you feel better when you drink out of a straw, I mean that's what they gave me in the hospital, and I think drinking out of a straw has helped me feel better. Anyway my wife and my mom have gone to FL, where my mom lives and my wife is visiting for a couple days, so here I lay in bed hurting, cause I'm an idiot and tried to work yesterday after only a couple days of recouping from surgery, what sucked was I felt pretty good last night at the show, but like natural this morning I wake up with the same pain I had the day after my surgery. I'm such an idiot!!

1 comment:

randy said...

you should have been drinking your coffee with a straw, that would have helped