Saturday, September 13, 2008


My blogs have been splotchy at best for the beginning of this month, I've been sitting at home, not doing anything for the most part, I should be out working but instead I was told to not work. I've been told this a couple times (haha) and all the other times I've ignored it and just forced myself to go out and work, I've always been kinda proud I guess that I've been dependable for gigs even if I'm sick, but this week not being out is driving me crazy, I've spent more time apologizing to people for not being able to do things. Its the worst feeling sitting at home wondering if things are going ok at work, wondering if the guys I work with are doing things right? (haha) I was on the phone with Farns the other night, he laughed when I said something about that, and then followed his laugh with "looks like God's working on your trust factor". It's probably true.

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