Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mom's Birthday...

My mom's birthday is today. This has to be my favorite picture of her, it just says everything. My mom has a blog that's a family blog about her family, her (our) family is huge, we had a family reunion last year, there were people that I never even knew were part of the family. She's the youngest of 10, I'm the youngest of something like 33 grandchildren and the numbers get even more crazy, if you really want to know, just click on the reunion button.

Anyway I give my mom a hard time about being old, I always have, even when I was little, but as she gets older she stays the same. She works as hard and with relentless commitment to her job, she has hobbies, she's always trying to learn new things on her computer (I talked her into buying a apple) she's always doing/try something new! I think its awesome! I wish I could be there to celebrate it with her.

Even though ya'll don't know her it would be awesome to head over to her blog and leave a Happy Birthday if you get a chance!

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brody said...

That's a great picture... Happy Birthday Culmer mom.