Sunday, October 5, 2008

Out Of The Can...

I'm sitting in the back lounge of the bus, thinking about how bad my blogging has been the last couple weeks, you would think that since I was forced to sit at home, I would have blogged more, and now that I'm back on the road I would have time but I haven't done anything, and usually I take about 5000 pic's of whatever tour I'm on for memories and cause I like too, but I haven't taken any pic's at all on this tour, so stupid, we have 3 shows left after tonight, and I haven't taken really any, hence that crappy pictures on the blog lately, I haven't even touched my camera in a couple weeks, so dumb.

Anyway got side tracked there for a minute, I'm so tired, I decided to try one of those double shot can things from starbucks to see if would help wake me up a little, yea thats a big negative there ghost rider. So I think I'm going to try and walk around a little, that's what old people do, at least that's what I hear they do to wake up, they just walk around! So I'm going to go walk around.

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Jack Mooring said...

what tour are you on? take it easy! jack