Saturday, October 4, 2008

Get Rid of the Pain...

This is what you seen when you go to the dentist, this isn't what you want to see when you go just to see whats wrong with a tooth, and your dentist says "you need and emergency root canal".

This was wed. morning and I had to get on a plane that afternoon, so that meant he could only start the root canal, and then when I get home he's going to finish it, (sigh) I'm glad to be getting rid of the pain, but I'm not glad to be numb again, and have to go back in.

Everybody hates going to the dentist, but when you have to go in on your day off that just stinks worst, I mean if you missed work, you got to play hooky that's one thing but going in on your day off is just stupid.

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Tracy Edwards said...

What is it with all you music guys not going to the dentist???? The good news is, the hard part is over and the pain is gone! The next step will be a breeze!