Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It's been a while since I've done a PPT, so I thought that today I would do one on my new iPhone, and how much I love my wife for letting me get one. We both went and got one yesterday, the new iPhone smell is still lingering in the air, its been a lot of fun just playing around, its given our family so much, and for just a small price too!

All the cool Apps. Yea I know what your thinking, and I don't care!!

What is funny is everywhere we went yesterday looking at cases and playing with our phones everywhere we went, people would look at us, and we would say we just went and bought iPhones and poeple would say "Oh... Congragulations" like we were having a kid or just got married, it was pretty stinking funny, that was just another perk to getting the phones, it made us laugh. See! The phone just keeps giving, I mean after we bought them it continues to find ways to make us smile!

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