Sunday, October 12, 2008

Last Show...

Last show of the tour, and we're in a suburb of Denver called Broomfield, CO. Here's the deal with last shows, people like to do pranks, and that's fun sometimes, but there's always that one or two pranks that you like get embarassed for the person that's doing the prank, cause they did something stupid and think its funny, but everybody else thinks its not that funny. (haha) Awkward is probably the best word that descibes it.

Anyway last shows are suppose to be fun and relaxing, which they are, but at the same time when your stuck behind a camera, or a rack full of stuff in the back of the stage and you don't see everything that everybodies laughing at on the stage, you feel a little left out, and you start to get a little like "ok hurry up and get this crap over with" cause it may be fun to prank but in the end the prank people are just making the show longer! And keeping me from load out and getting home!

But lets prank away.

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