Thursday, October 2, 2008

When Leaving the Bus...

When your on your on the road, and your whole life (laptop, things you don't carry with you around the venue i.e. wallet, medicine, Ipod's etc.) is on a bus with about 10 other people usually, with all the people that go in and out of the bus, there's people that forget to lock the bus, which means the buses are sometimes sitting in a public street unlocked with all our important junk on it, so when you come to the bus and its unlocked and there's nobody on the bus, it makes some of us mad, or like I say pissy.

So the PA made some signs that are taped to the inside of the bus, that say "Please remember to lock the bus" which is way nicer than our PM and even I had said, I can't tell you on here what exactly we wanted to put on it, lets just say we weren't reminding them to lock the bus after leaving.

Anyway I found it funny that this piece of paper that is on the inside of the bus that is asking you to lock the bus, is also asking you to knock before entering. I thought that was funny, till I saw that it was the generic sign they have for all the dressing rooms, so its not as funny any more. (sigh)

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