Friday, November 21, 2008


I've been skipping dinners, for a couple reasons, one is because ever since my surgery I just don't feel right eating catering, and when you have to do a show and then get on a bus where's there's no going #2, you tend to get a little gun shy. So last night I went down to catering (it was in the basement, more like a parking garage) to hang out with the guys while they ate, it didn't look all that good so I wasn't tempted to eat, but just as I went to get some water, I walked by the dessert table and there it was! Cheese cake with some kindof red stuff (that tasted amazing by the way) so there I sit the cheese cake, a bottle of water and my guilt with every bite!

I didn't regret it at first.

The other problem with cheesecake, it's my wife's favorite, or as she says "Fav", I missed her even more, which added to the already guilt of eating it!

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