Saturday, November 22, 2008

You ever have one of those days, where things just don't want to go your way, it seemed that I would fix one thing and then another thing go wrong!
It all started with a long drive from Denver, which means late load in (11:30), and then an early show (6pm), there are times when I wonder if booking agents have a freaking map!

Anyway that's a rant that will never be changed. Back to the day so far, as you can see in the pic, I had to have Nick assist me in the truss to help me fix some things, I say that because my fat butt couldn't reach low enough to get the cables.

And it never fails that when the boss comes to the show, something always looks a little off! And naturally he was like "um hey you know that thing is blah blah blah" and I didn't really hear what he was saying (haha) cause my attention was focused on other things, yea that's it, then about an hour later I realized I should have listened to him (haha) I hate that. I guess the show is happening and that's what matters, except everytime I go to front of house I look up and just sigh. There are days that your like yup... I just got kicked on the pants and I don't even know why? I would love have a reason!

And while I'm typing this the opener just came up and was talking about trying to staying up beat cause he can get worn out from stuff, so he wrote on his hand "His Strength" which is good.. A nice little reminder. It does make me wonder if you can get some kind of sharpie poisoning if you write on your skin all the time with sharpies?

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The Farns said...

See...should gone out with Crowns...the Lord is with us and we don't have bad days.