Monday, November 3, 2008

I Voted...

Well it's the big day, I voted a couple days ago, it felt good, to be apart of something the whole nation is doing to decide which person is fit to lead us! I was going to do a whole blog about the two candidates, and one of em being a future dictator, but I'm not, instead I got to thinking about the voting system, and got to thinking about, we the people vote on who the best schmuck is to lead our country, and the one who wins if you didn't vote for them you get to complain about them for 4 years, sometimes less.

But why don't we do that with the boss of the company we work for? I know there has to be someone that starts the company, and that's fine but why not vote on the guy who would become your supervisor? That way some people have the right to complain about their supervisor and some don't! And that way we can complain about the things that were promised us! Like a new candy machine, or a small fridge, a printer that works, or just having a case of the mondays!!

I love that movie

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Jay Steven said...

the run'n like a vagabond blog is retarded