Friday, November 7, 2008

Trying To Relax...

Last night I fell a sleep with the tv on last night, that's something that doesn't happen very often, usually it drives me nuts if the tv is on and I'm trying to sleep, but last night that wasn't the case, and the worst part was when I woke up and Chuck Norris was on the tv. When I woke up this morning I kept thinking about Chuck Norris and what show/movie it was that he was in at 2am.

I've been so tired, that's my excuse for not bloggin, that and I really haven't opened my computer in the last week, just been so busy with shop work and what not, if you really want to see what it is that I've been up too, check this blog out, its the crew blog of the tour I'm out on this fall.

I'm hopeing to fall asleep here in a minute and I'm going to make sure that I turn off the tv so I don't have nightmares about Chuck Norris again.
Nothing against Chuck Norris, so if your reading this its not personal, just weird waking up to your death stare! Followed by your round house kick

I'm not sure why I blogged about falling a sleep last night, and I have a picrture of a xbox controller, cause I played about 12 minutes of xbox tonight while waiting for my food to cook! Thats not enough time!! That's not relaxing like I wanted too... Relaxing is like playing xbox for an hour or five... (sigh) I just want to sleep

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