Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Things...

Patti went to some party thing or something, and one of her friends had this stuff that you put on crackers, well she asked what it was? Her friend said all it is is this relish from Harry & David, and creme cheese. So we went to Harry & David and what a cool place by the way, we found the relish went and bought some creme cheese and bam!! We have a snack that is amazing, what was funny is I was expecting some elaborate fancy little snack, all Patti does is put a block of creme cheese on a dish then pours the relish over the top and it looks fancy and tastes amazing!! I'm like always craving it, it's that good!

I love trying new things, here lately I've gotten into cooking new things, it's harder than I thought it would be to try and cook new things, only because there's to many things to try, it's like choice over load for sure, I'm having to write down things and then just do a once or twice a week thing where we try something new, other wise we might go broke buying all the little things for each new meal that we try!

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