Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stop And Go...

So after flying on a flight that made me laugh, I sat in rush hour traffic for an hour or two, not really thinking it would take as long as it did to get my rental car, and of course I forgot to bring some Toll Road money, so after looking for a bank, (it didn't take to long, I love my iPhone) then giving some of it to the State of Florida, I sat in a pretty decent rental car searching for something on the radio that didn't have a twang or from the mid 70's genre of "what is this?. In traffic that wasn't stop and go, it was mostly roll a little and then stop.

Have you ever forget to do something, you can feel that you forgot to do something but when you remembered your like shoot now its to late to do anything about it, like take the cake out of the oven so it burned, or whatever, for me I don't forget to do things very often, but Patti and I have been talking about how much I either don't listen very well, or forget things, I was hoping the cause would be that I had stuff on my mind, but nope.

In the industry I'm in it's mostly done in memory, somebody tells you how to do or fix something there's not a lot to right on when your fixing it or doing it, I remember most all of the venues I've been too, what show or all the shows for the most part, I can remember when in a city that there's something in walking distance (i.e. Starbucks) but here lately I've been forgetting or not paying attention to conversations. It's not that I'm busy cause I'm not anymore than usual, I feel like I'm still on top of what I do, remembering conversations with clients the boss, people I work with about work details, but outside of work I've been forgetting some little details, stuff from places to get for the house, or .....

.... I don't know just throwing it out there I guess and rambling cause I haven't had anything to really blog about that is stupid so I thought I would ramble a little since I'm sitting alone in a hotel room I thought I would ramble since it's been a while!

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