Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I'm not sure if the statistics are true or accurate, but for the last couple weeks I've been really annoyed with people while their driving their cars. Right out side our residents, there's a 4 way stop that mostly leads to a business district, and well the people that use the stop sign don't really stop, we (Patti and I) have been on the defense driving at our own little area, cause people don't care and or pay attention to the stop sign! It's like they figure the guy in front of them went so they'll just follow, or in several cases, they just slow down enough to look around not looking to see who was there first, at one stop I almost got side swiped, a guy didn't even brake for the stop sign, I saw him coming down the street and I thought he looks like he's going awful fast, and just flew right through the stop sign!
And that says it all! If the public doesn't want the Police to stop people for rolling through a stop sign that means that they (the public) doesn't stop at stop signs!

So I've been doing some of my own questioning, asking some of my friends if they stop?


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Angela OBrien said...

Ok so initially when I read this, I thought, "oh yeah, I stop". Then today I caught myself rolling through. Immediately I thought of your post-LOL. Now I feel guilty.