Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Fun Day..

Today was a good day. Had breakfast with the wife, which is always awesome! Then once she left for work I cleaned a few things around the place, played a little xbox, Then it was off to hang out with the fellas, today was this guys (Randy) b-day, or rather yesterday was his b-day. Go say a belated happy b-day!!

I get this text saying to meet him and Brody at a place downtown, so I head to the meeting establishment. I park in front of the store front, get out of my car looking for the scooters they were riding all day, not seeing them I decide to head in the shop, seeing two ladies sitting in the window of the shop next to the door, I get almost to the door, reaching for the handle I get a text from the fellas saying they are in the parking garage across the street, first floor in the corner.
I read my massege then look up at the ladies their now looking at me, I look left, then right, then behind me seeing the parking garage, I turn around and cross the street, once across I look back while walking into the garage, noticing the ladies still staring at me wondering what I'm doing? I then think I wonder if their thinking this is really wierd and suspicious? Walking to the back corner finding them standing next to their scooters, we stand around for a minute and talk then decideing to start our journey to our next destenation, I start walking back out the garage, they get the scooters fired up, (haha get it, there scooters! They don't need to be fired up) I walk out alone, cross the street, and look to my left and see the same to two ladies looking at me with coffee in mid motion to the mouth, their not talking, just staring, I sit in the car for a minute then make a U-turn behind the scooters as they pull out of the garage.

I had to laugh following the fellas down the back roads of TN, thinking about the two ladies, I've been wacthing to many spy shows on tv and in movies, that and I've been playing splinter cell (a spy game), so I had to laugh cause it did seem pretty wierd, me walking up to the shop stopping at the door, getting a text right when I reach for the handle, and stopping to read it, then crossing the street to a parking garage!

But then I didn't laugh for long cause I had to focus on the road cause we were heading to a little town in the back woods, I followed in my car, and I'm pretty sure we went from civilization, to the childeren of the corn, then back to civilization, only to find my self zig zaggin through the rabbit whole of suburbia!

Over all it was out of the norm for a sat. night for me, and it was lot of fun!

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