Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Tonight, Patti and I went to dinner with some friends, (Schwarz & Robyn) like usual, the girls were talking about normal stuff, and schwarz and I were talking about stupid things for the most part, and some how it got brought up, that I always dreamed of taking a bath in milk, joking of course, but it made me think, how much milk would it take? And would you want it cold or warm, nobody likes cold baths that I know of? After talking about it for several more minutes, and joking about having some chacolate cake there, and what it might do for your skin, the girls not buying it at all, even with schwarz and I trying our hardest to sell it we moved on to something else to talk about it, like some famous lady that washes her hair each month with beer and honey, cause it does something to help it, apperently she also washes her hair with caviar.

So maybe if the rich and famous do crazy things to help their apperence maybe I'm on to something. Maybe it'll help my apperence?

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The Farns said...

The visual this blog has created in my mind has scarred me for life. What happens if you look down and start to see chocolate?