Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some Visiting Time...

When I'm working close to where my parents live, we try to get together, at least for a meal, usually I'm working a one day show, so they (usually just my mom, it's to loud for my dad) come for lunch or dinner or both then stay for the show, depending on the show if I can talk during the show or not. Well this weekend I just had a load in a couple hours away from them, so my mom came up for breakfast before my flight, this morning was nice though we met at almost dawn, and just hung out near Disney, ok we hung out at Downtown Disney and ate at one of the hotels that has amazing all you can eat breakfast buffet!

Course there was a lot of celebrities hanging out, signing autographs, which made it a little distracting, some of the people in the restaurant didn't really eat much, they were too excited.

So the first commercial of the 09' Super Bowl that I see, made me about as excited as some of the people at the restaurant were getting to get autographs. For those of you who know I get excited about movies, especially ones that I've been waiting for! Like this one!

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