Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ashland, OR

Yesterday we had a day off in Ashland, OR. It was a cool place, very just retro, or old and vibey, almost hippieish to it. We couldn't find anything other than Starbucks that was from the outside world, which made it cool, everything was very local. So our first stop was for lunch at Brothers', very hometown food kinda place, and very cool, I asked for a sprite and the waitress told me to get myself! I loved it.I got a steak sandwich, and I had to take a picture, cause it came with a orange slice, and a strawberry, just very random. But again I loved it!

Then we were off to a candy shop, that was death by chacolate type a place then lots of walking around, taking pictures of random things. Overall an interesting day, but good.

And dinner... It's hard to explain the coolness of this place, it was in a back ally, a small house, and I couldn't pronounce half of what was on the menu. Very Itialian, very good food.

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