Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We had a day off yesterday in Sacramento, we get off the bus and the first thing I see across the road is an In & Out Burger, for some people it's no big deal, for those of us who don't get out here that often it's a great place to go and eat. If you want a good burger and fries with a pretty great milk shake as well, it's the place to go. And their open late so when we were in the mood for a milk shake last night, yep they were ready for us, and it was awesome!

One of the fist things I did when I got up yesterday was do some laundry, which can be an experience on the road, you never know what it the laundry facility is going to look like in these hotels, but by gollie if it wasn't pretty decent looking, and FREE!! As long as you had a room key, you could get in and if you had soap to wash your clothes with then you just pushed the button, it was pretty stinking cool!

I had to read the directions on the machine though to figure out what I do with the soap, and how to start the thing.

I've been going backwards in my story telling and the time line of the pic's but, oh well I'm trying to catch up. I have to talk about this place that some of the fella's swore by, it was a little Italian place, and by little I mean look at the pic, it's an house that could probably fit a family of 3 or 4 that's now a eating establishment. Looking at the menu's was different, it explained what things were in english and the name of the dish was in Italian, and the place ran the way they do in Italy I guess, which is you get a appetizer of olives, this hard bread stuff with some kind of green butter, cheese, bean salad, cold but already saute'd mushrooms and zuccini, (I'm pretty sure I've killed the spelling of these things) and some other things. Then it was followed by an anti-pasta, then the main dish, then salad, then desert. It was a lot of fun, diffrent for sure which was nice for a change.

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Kristin said...

I'm jealous of your inand out experience. I don't think I've had that for a couple of years now!