Friday, March 13, 2009

The Last Week...

I use to think that duck (Gaffe) Tape couldn't fix, well I have a new vice, and that's vel-cro, the tour I'm headed out on has a pretty cool design, but it's mostly well all of the LED is ground supported, which is a little different from our usual hanging everything from a truss which we're pretty good at, but we had to get a little creative on how some of the LED is going to be standing up, it surrounds 2 of the risers, and so we thought a lot about how we were going to stand them up right, without falling over, or taking up a lot of space, and neatly, cause you know? You don't want to be that tour that you (the Church techy) come to see and laugh at the tour crew for having stuff fall over, sometimes you feel like you need to come up a cool reason like U2 to stand do something basic.
Like them having a PS2 comtroller to control robo cams, which I want to one up by the way... I'm working on that one just need some time! Anyway after very little thought, and hardly any debate we decided to vel-cro them. Which I bought the thick stuff, since we're leaning this stuff up against a drum riser! That means the riser will be moving a lot! Maybe... that stuff is strong! The LED that's close to 100lbs is physically hangin in the air off of vel-cro! I love it!

Why I havn't been bloggin! Cause I've been playing that silly game of what bone conects to what bone, you know the hip bone conects to the....pheamer?, and people sing it or something? Anyway when you jump into pile of the unknown the best thing to do is to start lableing what you know! Then what you don't know you try and figure out as best you can, and lable that. By unpluggin things and asking what just stopped working? And then you have it figured it sorta, or you can go the old school rout which we did a lot of, which is following the wire from this thing to that thing, and the whole time your tugging and pulling lightly so you don't break anything.

It's all good fun and time consuming, but the thing is when you get out on the road, and nobody is answering thier phone, you don't want to be calling about the little things, it needs to be a show stopper in order for me to call someone for help, so I try and get it all the little things out of the way before I go out on a show.

And that's where I've been for the last week!

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