Tuesday, March 31, 2009


For 2 weeks I've been lifting things, sleeping on a mattress that is practically non existent, and all the things that apply to being on the road, I'm home for a 1 night, I wake up this morning feeling pretty good, I take a shower go to put my shirt on, and BAM!!! I go down like somebody punched me in the gut, except it was my back that hurt, Oh.... what happen you ask? I threw my back out putting on MY SHIRT!!! I've haven't been in this much pain since my gallbladder was still apart of my body.

My frustration is beyond being pissed off, I just want to break something, except it hurts to move a lot, so instead I'll just sit here and smell like a box full of mints that have spoiled, if mints spoil? Either way Icy Hot smells awful and I'm not convinced it's doing anything.

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