Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I went back to the chiropractor this afternoon, and after a lot of stretching, poking things into my spine, then cracking my spine in 15 different places, he came to the conclusion that I did not throw out back but rather, it (my back) sapazzed out, or to put it in terms for an idiot like me, I got a Charlie hourse in my back, do to stress, and my diet.

It seems that even though I didn't feel stressed, my body was in hurry up mode for 2 weeks straight and all the business a couple weeks before that interupted all that as stress, which would have been fine, nothing out of the normal except all the junk food I've been eating, kinda set things into... Well let's say the junk food was the extra stuff on your computer that's bogging things down, then finally my body said I'm gonna crash now, and the part that crashed was my back!

It sounds stupid but, I guess it could be right... I don't know, all I know is what doesn't make sense at all is, the best way to start feeling better is to work through the pain and keep moving around.

I hate moving around.