Monday, April 6, 2009


I'm a big fan of crew blogs, I want to hear and see pic's of what people are doing, I think it's cool to see what and how things going on other shows, and I love to hear stories, and I really like reading crew blogs when it's something way bigger than anything that I've ever been apart of, like this blog. is in Russia this year, the Production Manager has started a blog, about the setup process, it's really interesting to read. His posts are mostly pictures which is great! And some witty lines to go along with the pictures, you have to see it, he's taken pic's from unloading the trucks to the mother grid going up.

To be honest his blogging stile kinda reminds me of...... my blog, and the way I use to take pic's of the show days. Hmmm?.... Except he probably spells things right, and he proabably uses the right words to describe things, like when he plays b-ball in a gym not a jim. I'm such an idiot.

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Angela O'Brien said...

your misspellings are what make you, you. You are a real guy just sharing his thoughts-don't apologize for that. Love your posts!