Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Wife.

I Love my Wife, tonight I had a fantasy baseball draft, which usually takes a couple hours depending on how many people we have, and just in case your wondering I did horrible, I got a few players that I wanted, but not as many as I wanted, I tried to stay away from having to many players from the same team, and I didn't stay in the guidelines of my own rules to drafting.

Anyway, I told her about the draft last week, and was like "I have a fantasy baseball draft next Tuesday night, it'll take a couple hours to do, I'm sorry". She was like "oh cool, don't be sorry", course I still felt bad, cause I've been gone a lot the last couple weeks, and she was gone last week, so our only full day together was today, and I had a baseball draft, that started around dinner time. So pretty much our evening was gone.
She never once complained about me doing this, I complained about doing it, because it was going to take away from our only full evening together this week, and she said that this was fine, and I should do this, cause I like doing it! And that's just 1 of the infinity reasons why I love her!

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