Saturday, April 4, 2009


Like I said in the last post, we had another video crew there, Daystar tv it's a channel on direct tv I guess, well we had it on the bus satellite so about an hour after the show they re-aired it, or played it for the first time, I'm not sure, the show started, and I saw something I haven't seen in a while, in our part of the video world, or maybe I've just never payed attention. The Star Filter baby, theres stars everywhere! I'm not a big fan of the star filter on camera's, it has it's moments when it's usable, but for the most part I think it's aweful, and should never be used for live concert events.

Well the show looked good except for the stupid star filters, I've yet to see the show or anything of the show other than through my monitors, or in pictures. So that was nice... Yea nice.

Today we're in Oklahoma City, I've been to this venue a lot, and every time I come here, I always gag on the loading dock, the venue is awesome, but the loading dock takes the cake for having the worst smelling loading dock anywhere, it's smells a little like fryer oil that buildings take out back and dump in a container, and it just sits there, and popcorn from 1988, and other things that are a mystery at the moment.

There you go, now go watch the show, we have some new bands on the tour, it's going to be fun I hope, a break from the normal.

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Patti Culmer's Spot said...

I think the star filters are stupid too. They look so cheesy. I love you!