Friday, April 3, 2009


Before I get into the post about tonight, all I'm going to say is go watch this!! We had protesters last night (Baton Rouge) at the show, I didn't go out there to see what the deal was, for multiple reasons, but if you watch the video you'll get the point, I could go on and on about this. It literally makes me more red with madness.

Enough of that, tonight we're in Dallas, which is home town crowd for most of the tour, which means a lot of people just being here, which can be fine except when their in the way, of what we're trying to do, AND... Tonight the show is being broadcasted on some satellite company, Daystar or something like that, the point is their 70 other crew here with the tv co. with their own camera equipment, and all that jazz that comes with being a tv co. So things have been a busy, except for me, I've just been sitting here, say yes and no to things. Just in case you can't read what's on the case or on the floor, it says "SHOW PERSONEL ONLY BOYOND THIS". That's why I love our stage manager, he's all about the crew baby... Not that I care cause I sit in a chair upstage right for the entire show, and never really see anything else.

Go Watch the show tonight.

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