Thursday, April 30, 2009

Orange Conference...

It's been a while since I've done a picture blog, it's all I use to do, and now I just do stupid ramblings that don't make any since and I make grammar "errs". So I thought since I haven't really shared a whole lot from my week I would do a quick snippet of what I've done. Starting with of course sLite, the reason I'm here this week. And to explain the week a little better I'm doing "The Orange Conference" which is a youth pastors conference, or seminar if you will. I've been sitting at FOH for most of this show, and it's been really interesting and a fun conference, some really good stuff.

Well after I unlided all my sLite I was in hurry up and wait mode, and since the truss I was hanging off wasn't going to be ready till after lunch I decided to help out where I could, so I bolted together the PJ truss. What was funny about that was our PJ guy was .... it's hard to explain, lets just say I filled in for him for some of load in, I didn't take a picture but I put together all 5 screens, without hands thank you very much, all to help the cause of getting the rest of the rig up quicker. Not braggin or anything just poppin my colar a little.

After I got my LED up and at trim, I continued to help out the other company loading in, they seemed pretty busy and needed some help so myself and my other co-worker (Anderson) helped them out for a bit. To make it short we came up with a number that we ran over 6000 feet of just BNC cable for this one gig, which isn't a whole lot in reality, but when it's just 3 of us running it in a couple hour span, we were movin'! And that's not including all the power runs we made, Soco, feeder, edison, 4 pin.

I think it looks pretty good, the designer didn't do to shavey.

It's a cool pic.. so it made the blog.

Kinda what it looks like on, FOH is like 50 feet from the stage, so the all the LED when it's flashes is bright as all get out! I love it!! I have a pic of that but chose these two for some reason.

We got back to our hotel room this was in front of the door, we were like hmmm? We didn't have anything shipped to us, then we saw the little "Orange tags" that said our names, they were little gift bags of snacks and drinks and what not. Look below to see!This is the first Conference/festival type event that when we returned to the hotel they had something waiting for us, it made the 4 hours of sleep we got worth it. See it's the little things that make a crew guy smile and want to get up in the morning... Maybe?


Patti Culmer's Spot said...

save me some of those goodies :)

Eric said...

Dude, I tech directed the preschool breakout for orange over in the other hall. That is freakin hilarious that you were there and i didn't see you.


Eric Kent