Saturday, May 2, 2009

Backing Things Up...

I have a lot of dvd's that I've backed up stuff on, mostly picture since I take a lot pictures, and I have discs from when I use to use my .... that other computer I don't want to say what brand cause this computer might... I just don't want to say it, but I'll give you a hint, the type starts with a "P". Well when I used that computer I use to back up all my files all the time, cause I never new when it was going to crash.

So, I have a lot of disc's like I said, and I labled them at the time I thought was a good system, and now that with hind site I realize that it's a bad system, because I don't really know what all is on those disc's, so now I'm going back through them finding out whats on them, and putting the info into this computer, but I find myself at the same point I was in then, and that's how to create a lable system that makes sense to me. Hmm...?

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