Sunday, May 17, 2009


That's right folks, we're going to a Cubs game. It's going to be Patti's first MLB game, and it's the Cubs and Braves, the best part is she's the one that found the tickets, and the doubley best part is that we got the cheap seats for $4, you can't beat that. I don't mind the cheap seats cause it's a baseball game for $4 I mean come on people your going to see baseball! I'm stupid excited about the game and going with her. I love when we go on trips together, it's going to be awesome! And believe it or not I have never been to Turner Field, so that'll be fun to have another ballpark to scratch off the list, and I get to do it with Patti!

This week has been a long week, in a good way, I put in a lot of hours trying to figure out what to do for work things, and a lot of hours sitting in movie theaters. I saw Star Trek twice, once at the IMAX, and once in a regular theater, I also saw Angles and Demons, I really like going to the movies, to me it's just another form of relaxing especially when you go during the day when nobody is there.

Work was fun, Nick and I got a lot accomplished in just a couple days, it's always fun fabracating with sombody that has some road/shop experience, and enjoys doing what we do, which I needed help to come up with something quick and it needs to not be stupid. That's hard because I've spent a lot of time on things and then someone walks by and says why did you use/do that, when you could just do this, but when you don't have someone to debate things with you just do whatever comes into the brain first.

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