Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Good Book..

Well it's another week of work, thank goodness, we had a long drive yesterday, it wasn't overall to bad, we had some good conversation, and I got in some good reading time, it's been a while since I've had a book that's been just a great story, there for a while that seemed to be the only kind of book I could find, just good stories, my kinda of stories, I had had a great run then I started finding books that looked interesting, and they were but not really stories that kept you thinking about needing to read more, or when your sitting around the catering table your re-telling the stories because the people your reading about are some bad to the bone type of people.

Today we loaded in another festival, everything went well, had to fix some stuff, it's funny because every time I have a problem with piece of gear I work with it's always in the most inconvenient place like 10ft up, but it's all good.

Sometimes being a team player means you have to make sacrifices, and sometimes being a good leader is being the one that makes those sacrifices for the team. I'm always trying to be a better leader, I've been reading this book about a leader that's a little like where I'm at in my life, he's a Staff Sargent that's been in a lot of wars as a sniper, seen a lot of action during non-war time, he has ton of experience, he would be a superb leader in a hirer rank, but because he's enlisted he's as high as he wants, and the people he deals with that are above him in rank are green and well ... just basically kids, or people that have been paper pushers that have read about war, or tactics in a manual, which reminds me of some of the roadies now days, the book isn't about his trials dealing with inexperienced leadership, but just his time doing some extraordinary things, and even tho he's not in leadership, all the guys around him look to him for guidance, even some of the officers look to him with questions, and how he deals with that while maintaining the respect for the rank above him, Just good stuff.

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