Thursday, July 2, 2009


Last night I was getting the grill ready to cook the guys and myself some dinner, I'm sitting there waiting on the charcoal to heat up, ok what I was really doing was sitting there cursing the ready start charcoal cause it was taking forever, I look to my right cause I see smoke, and big wooshes of fire and there's the roof guys with their bbq it's roaring with fire, course the dude was spraying an entire bottle of liter fluid on it, (these guys .... lets just say they're not the sharpest tools in the shed) the one is smiling at me and motioning me over to their little grill site, so I walk over and he's like "Culmer, check these out", he reaches behind a caddie and pulls out 5 or 6 catfish on a string still gasping for whatever fish gasp for, he smiles even bigger and says "we're gonna eat them!" I asked where he caught them, "the lake", I was like "the lake that all these nasty kids take baths in through out the week?" He was like "yea!" I could tell there was no distrating him getting to skin these things and eat them.

I have to admit its pretty clever if your trying to save some money, and if you didn't have anything to do, or liked to fish which I don't, he was the talk of the backstage area, he had a nice little crowd while he skinned these things, course it could have been the other roof guy still spraying liter fluid on the grill making huge balls of fire every five minutes, all the while his brauts were on the grill, that could have been drawing some attention as well.

Myself, I made to order whatever the guys wanted, most wanted Cheeseburgers, some had bought some of their own special somethings that needed to be grilled, the best part of grilling last night was the burgers that I wasted, see here's the deal, why do cheap grills have such wide spaces between the .... grill? So here's the deal, I didn't know we had tongs in the rv all I found was a spachula, so I'm out there and one of the other guys was sitting at the picknick table eating his hotdog, and watching me grill, I'm flippen away like a grill masters master! That's right I am the grill master I'm thinking, then I flip a burger and the dang thing goes right through the openings of the grill and right down to the charcoal, I was like "Dang IT!!" Lee (the guy sitting at the table eating his hotdog) starts laughing, I come to grips that I just won't have a burger because one of them was mine, so I was like no biggie I guess.

I then came up with a new plan on how to flip my burgers, so they don't go down the stupid wide cracks in the grill, no more than 2 flips later I flip onther one, it hits my braut and starts to slide down between the cracks, I'm scrabling to save it, it was like slow motion, I stop it half way, blindly grab a plastic fork from the picknic table behind me, go to grab the burger, and again in slow motion as I'm going to poke the burger with the fork the forks end starts to melt from the heat, so now I'm stuck with this pokeless fork I try to poke it anyway as it slips from my grasps, and the 2nd burger falls between the cracks, Lee is laughing now pretty loud because it is pretty funny, I'm yelling at the grill, if I only would have tried and save the last burger in real time instead slow motion maybe the burger would have been eatable.

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