Monday, June 1, 2009

Rambling that won't make...

Sometimes I feel like this bike, it use to be rideable until some musician left it behind the bus and then the driver drove over it. I guess my point is I work really hard and try not to complain to much, and yet I'm still in the same spot I was in before.

I heard today that successful people have a 10 or 15 year plan, are they successful because they have a plan? Or are they successful because they stuck to a plan? I think it's the first, I think people like the idea of having a long term Goal, so there for the people with the goals are successul because other people make them that way, heres the thing, the "other" (i.e. People that have influence or position in the world) people think this planned person is motivated and has a stick to it mentality. When in reality they just like talking about their "plan" but never really go through it, if we all went through with our 15 year plans we would have a lot more millionares out there.

I mean I have goals, I have a hard time reaching them, because like I said I'm working, some of my goals are work related, most are not like having kids with my beautiful wife.

How does one focus enough to keep one mind set for 15 years! And does having a plan or goal make you a better person in general? Or should you just live your life and see what doors open and try not to persuade them to open just so you can make your goal or plan happen?

What's that saying? Life gives you lemons, make some lemonaid.

I don't Know, going back and reading this it sort of makes sense, course my rant could be do to me being pissy because some of my favorite tv shows have been cancled next fall.

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