Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Scratch another off the List...

Patti a couple weeks back had a great idea, she had looked at the schedule for the Cubs and saw that they were going to be in Atlanta this week, so she found some tickets, made sure I was going to be home and then bought 'em. We then decided since it was a late game to stay the night after the game.

It was a fun little get away, not long enough, but besides it not being long enough it was a lot of fun! We've been needing a little get away, we've both been busy the last couple weeks, well more like the last couple months if I'm not at work she is. It's been good to be working, and when we have been able to do things it's been with a group of people. Which is fine but sometimes we just needed some together time!

We showed up really early, like a couple hours early, we waited in line for the gates to open, just talking and hanging out. We sat in the outfield for batting practice, we came close to catching some balls, but no cigar if you will, but still worth it standing 40ft. from Soriano and Zambrano as they catch some fly balls together, was worth it. Big Z was suppose to pitch Tuesday night but you know suspension and blah blah blah, I was surprised to see him. He was actually pretty cool with all the Cubs fans there last night yelling in support of him, and the Braves fans not yelling nice things, he waved and smiled at the comments. I mean he was 40ft. from us, we could talk normal and he could hear us.

One of the cool things about Turner Field is the LED wall, it's one of the biggest LED walls I've ever seen, and one of the heaviest weighing in at 50 tons, and really clean looking.

Our seats were way up there in the upper deck, Patti didn't like it at first, it was her first time in the upper deck, (haha) the best part was walking in circles up the ramp to the 400 level, it felt like we would never get there, and then the steap stairs almost to the last row, once up there she turned around and had a holy cow we're way up in the air moment, it was awesome! For the price we paid the seats were great! There's not to many seats in a ball park that are bad, and I thought we had good seats, I mean I don't think the Cubs could hear me chearing them on from up there but I liked it.

The game went into extra innings, we got to go a great game, the Cubs lost but they were a head the whole game, it went to 12 innings.
$4 a ticket sevearly bottles of Poweraid and water, multiple hotdogs, a slice of pizza, a pretzle and a bag peanuts, $80 later and another Ballpark crossed off the list with my wife. That's the priceless part! It was awesome!! I can't wait for the next get away we have!

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