Friday, June 12, 2009

So we're heading to the festival this morning, 2nd day of the bands and the festival actually running but day 4 for us. We head to the backstage gate where we've parked for three years right be hind our semi... One of the things about doing festivals that makes interesting are the volesnteer security.

Road/crew guys always have fun with them because we're use to the one pass we have is all access, well in the summer time these festivals take it up a notch and have like 5 different all access. So that means your all access doesn't really get you into "all" the accessable places like where your semi is, or to catering.

Back to this morning this security volenteer that's just doing his job, wouldn't let us park where we always park because... He was given an inch of athority. And now he thinks he can be a jerk, so we said "ok... We'll park waaayyy out there where you tell us to park" we then carried the gear we had in the car to the stage.

We then went to the barn that gives out passes and got every different parking pass they had for the entire festival, put them on the dash, so no one could say we didn't have the right pass to be where we just came from.

Nota very good story but non the less I posted better than nothing at least.

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