Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So the rumor has been going around that I don't really do anything but take pictures when I'm on a gig, now it's not that that's not true, but to clear things up I just wanted to point out that in the upper left corner of this picture (not taken by me since I'm in it!), and it's a little blurry but that's me cleaning by hand the tiles, I had time and they were dirty. And lets face it, when your don't have to spend your entire day figuring out how to do something you have some free time on your hands, I think it's funny that tech's that have a clue, and get their gig done quick are tagged as being lazy or always doing something else like taking pictures, (I'm not saying I have a clue just that I work with the same stuff a lot) and not really doing their gig, but yet the guys that spend all day setting up, always get the respect. Or more gigs.

How is it, we in this industry tend to reward the stupid tech's.. or rather the tech's that can milk a gig the whole day with respect, or even better yet the ones that say they know how to do something but don't, or EVEN better you train them how to do something, but they spend more time on their phone cause their to cool. But the tech's that get their gig done and things run smooth, there's really no respect just a... "well anybody can do it mentality", because everything went so smooth, and it all worked the first time, or the little hick ups were taken care of right away because they know the gear, but the mentality is by the employer is now we can go and hire dinky doo, that has to call you every 5 minutes, because they can't get the equipment to turn on?

I could keep going but now my lunch break is over and I have to go and take some picutres.

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