Friday, July 3, 2009

Am I Lazy?

You ever feel annoyed about something, but you don't want to say anything because your to nice, or want to make sure that it's not just yourself being stupid, that's where I've been for a while now, I've been so agitated and frustrated with things that I haven't been able to catch some shots or moments of crew guys working, I've been wanting to start a blog just about crew, (I know all about some non-christian crew sites, not interested!) I've been trying to get other "band crews" to do it and some do but don't stick with it, and honestly I think some don't get the point of doing a "Crew" blog, it turns into a personal blog, nobody cares, they want to read about your day and the gear you have and the stories, not what you did with your kids, start a personal blog if you want to do that, in a way my blog has been a crew blog but not totally dedicated to just the road stories, there's something funny and great about what we do, everybody in our industry, in any industry love to hear stories from other gigs, that's what we talk about most as crew is other gigs, stories, gossip, it's what keeps us sane.

I've always loved taking pictures of funny moments in a crew persons day, like the fella's doing a white balance up top, to me that's kinda funny, it's so demeaning to hold the sheet and stand there, but it needs to be done, so he went to each camera and held up the white sheet, it's just funny, I've done it. It might not be funny to some but if your a crew guy, you might find it a little funny just the way he's standing there looking at nothing while the other guy sits on a road case shooting the sheet, waiting for the eng. guy to tweek his camera in.

That's the funny stuff that I've been missing out on, because I've been frusterated with things, and been complasent with how things have been going, I was asked the other day what hobbies I had to take my mind off of work, since what we do always centers around work, even when we get together outside of work we're telling work stories, or talking about future gigs, anyway I didn't have an answer, besides xbox, which I don't get much time to play that, so I said photography, but yet I use to take a 100 to 200 pictures everyday at festivals, practicing, or catching the guys doing something (i.e. running camera, or taking a break between acts) and now I'm lucky if I've taken 100 for the whole festival. I can't figure out why other than I'm just not myself this summer, I'm distracted by frusteration. But that could be a lame excuse, and the real one is I'm lazy.

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