Friday, March 7, 2008

Darren Made Some Jerky...

As promised I'm blogging today about Darren, un-fortunitly it's not the Darren Wikipedia blog that I've talked about doing, that I'm finding out is taking a lot more research than expected.

So today is to let people know about Darren's Jerky Bizness, (yea thats right I spelled that wrong big woop you wanna fight about it)
I believe he's selling them for $5 a bag (better none as a nickel bag) or maybe it was $2 a bag? I can't remember, anyway the point is he makes it all from scratch! And mmm...its a crew favorite out here. You can place an order here on this blog, I can't make any promises about shipping and handling, but you'll be supporting a good cause.

(The funny thing is, is that I'm really having a hard time keeping this PG, theres to many things to make fun of in todays blog, for serious I'm filtering myself as I'm typing this.)

Come on!!....... you know its going to be good!
look its eatable!
How can you deny a face like that?

Last Chance!...

No But seriously don't order anything..

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