Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Are We There Yet?

Today was pretty much uneventful, we sat in an RV for pretty much the whole day, I guess it wasn't totally a waste, I got a lot of reading done, listened to some pretty good tunes, just relaxed, or relaxed as much as I could bouncing around in the RV. The RV isn't anything like a tour bus where its smooth and easy going, not in the slightest, I'm not complaining just that its not as relaxing as being in your own bunk, not feeling every bump in the road. (course that depends on who the tour bus driver is)

But we made it, and in pretty good time too, we gage our travel time based on if the sun is still up or not.

Once we got to our destination we checked in to our hotel rooms, freshened up, and were off to eat some good food, (I could go on about the place we ate but since I'm tired I won't) after wards we went to a place that I don't particularly care for, and we bought food for the week. Let me explain real quick, see most festivals supply you lunches and dinners, we call it catering, but not this festival your on you own for food, and theres no town with food for 30 minutes or so, so we need to buy food now so we prepared for the long days, and since they all work running camera's, I'll be cooking, you can count on that I'll be blogging about this through out the week, cause this means the guys get something grilled, or I can make stuff on the grill, they can make special orders for the grill, I mean whatever they want! I also bought my meals for the rest of the week, I thought I would share with you what my stash looks like that I'll be living off of.

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