Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Rant About My Day..

This morning we're on our way to the festival, late, cause I guess when we decide on a time to leave, some people think of that time as a time to get their stuff on the RV and then go and do other things, you know those people, the piddle paddle around people. (Where's me out!)

So after a about 20 minutes of driving through corn fields, I guess we were looking for a sign to show us where the festival is, even tho we've been there before and some of us more than others. We still manage to drive right on by, course it wasn't hard if you notice in the picture how big the sign is, that tells you that you found the right corn field! Can you see it? Up there in the corner of the picture that 1 foot x 2 foot wide piece of cardboard, drawn with magic maker, or it could very well be finger paint. (haha) You have to love it, and oh how I did until our RV driver decided to stop in the middle of the county highway and back up bringing a lot traffic to a halt!

Has anybody seen any cable ramps?

My original post was going to be about volunteers, and that was going to be my positive post for the week. There's a couple pretty common attitudes in all volunteers, 1 - is the.. I don't want to be here unless I get to do something cool, but until then I'm going to mope around and not really do anything and when nobodies looking I'm going to wonder away volunteer. 2 - are the ones that are here to socialize with each other, and not really work, just joke around and flirt or whatever the devil these kids do these days. 3 - are the ones that have a great attitude and want to learn and hang out for the next job you have for them, and work really hard. The third kind of volunteers are the ones that I was going to be posting about, but, I'm not. I had all three today, and well I appreciate them and I think they deserve the post. So there it is!

You ever have a long day, you go out to eat, have a bad experience so your dreading being there but your stuck with a bunch of people, then go somewhere else, all you want to do is go back to your hotel room cause your tiered, you don't feel good, and then someone makes a decision that you like... Really? Do we need to wash the windshield right now? So you sit there for another couple minutes and ponder the Odds of getting the exact same hotel room a year later! I'm not lying, what are the odds seriously.

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