Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It Ended As Quick As It Started...

This morning, I thought I should use my handy dandy chiropractor thing, since some dude is outside my room yelling at people, I'm not entirely sure why he can't just walk down the stairs and talk to them, instead of talking really loud so they can hear him from on the second floor, anyway so I thought well I'm up so I'll try and crack my back or at least stretch it out, I get everything ready (the taped together tennis balls) I lay down, and the sound and feeling of my back cracking felt pretty good, then as I sit up to re-adjust the tennis balls my shirt sticks to the floor, and as it releases finally, I felt really grossed out! I mean we're not staying at the Double Tree or anything, and I don't expect like awesomeness from a hotel in the middle of nowhere, but when your shirt sticks the floor, you can't help but to feel a little grossed out.

To say the least my back cracking session for the morning came to a quick end.

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