Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Boss...

Ah yes Kansas City the home of the boss, well my boss, he came to load in this morning, (haha) just in time to see me running the motors and one of the other guys (Adam) that works with me putting up the LED walls, pounding on it with a hammer working some "magic" as we like to call it, ok we don't really call it magic, but there are times when we call it names, name calling makes everybody feel a little better. When its a piece of equipment that is. Or backline guys!

Its always funny seeing him (My Boss) on his bike, cause the bike is a beast for one, when he starts it up you can't help but to hear it a block and ahalf away, and him with a the helmet is pretty standard but the eye wear is pretty stinking funny, and when you put the eye wear and the helmet together and him making a funny face, likes he's doing 75mph in to the wind, and he's still in the parking lot that makes me laugh!

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