Sunday, January 25, 2009

To Much To Do...

Everyone has different kicks that they go through I guess, one of mine at the moment is books, I've been doing pretty good for the last year or so trying to read a book a month, but one of the problems I have is once I get into a genre of book, I start to find to many books that I want to read, and being apart of reward zone thing, I get these coupons for so much percentages off, and well I'm like how can I not do it, there's something about not paying full price for something, so when you can save some money you do. The problem is over time the books that I've wanted to read are starting to pile up.

It's not that I won't read them, it's just that I get more coupons than I get time to read, and I don't read very fast, I've blogged about that before, the thing is I have to many things that I want to get too, tv shows that I've started and trying to catch up on past seasons, 360 games that I've wanted to play or play again, and now books that I want to put on the the shelf as an accomplishment of the fact that I can read!


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