Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Family History...

My Mom has been working on her family history, it's been cool finding out what she finds out, its always fun when somebody else does all the work, but whats interesting is that my Grandpa's family is a mystery, she's been tracing back my grandma's family, even found the boat they came over on from Germany. But my grandpa stops with my him! And she can't remember him talking about his family, its so cool, normally when you trace your family history you can get pretty far, especially when you pay some internet company $9.99 a month, but when you pay the fee and there's nothing there its really interesting! It makes family history even more exciting when there isn't one at the moment!

I was going to blog about work, but I didn't, the picture is of Mitrix labeled to the ninth, and something funny about the kid doing it. But I can't stop thinking about family history its such a mystery! I wonder if I should call Unsolved Mysteries?

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